Why Autism Moms Must Be Badass

Autism mom’s are often fighting everything and everyone.  Schools, teachers, aide’s, doctors, therapist, other parents and even our own family.  It is a never-ending battle to get the right services for our children, the care they need and to see that they don’t get left out.

There is no cookie-cutter answer, every single child has different needs.  Our children are special, funny, quirky and smart. Oh, and did I mention amazing?  I didn’t think so.

We know our kids are incredible and so should you.  Really, they just are.  You never know what they may do, what may pop out of their mouth, even when they rarely talk.  Sometimes you have to pick up your jaw from the floor before a fly get’s in.  Yep, true.

Our children are worth every second of every battle, but it can get exhausting, and heaven forbid if you catch us on the wrong day- you will wish you weren’t the one trying to make life difficult for our child!

Children with autism are often happy children who don’t ask for anything

One day they may be learning to count and a few weeks later counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, 7s, 9s, etc.  Just like that. On the other side of the coin…

You never know when a child with autism will have a sensory overload-even if they are a sensory seeking child.  There are signs but they can be easily missed, especially if you are busy or don’t know what to look for.  But you know those things already right?

That’s what most people always talk about.   The negative things about autism, what our kids can’t do or have difficulty doing.  There are so many wonderful, happy and loving things that our children do, they just don’t make the headlines.  We know life is difficult for our kids.  We choose to see the bright side, it provides a better outcome for our children, it is also better for our mental health.

People are judgemental

You wouldn’t believe the judgemental jerks out there that “just want the best “ for your child.  They will continue to try to tell you like you don’t know your own child.  Sorry, as the parent of my child I know them best.  I may ask your input and even your advice, but if you don’t have a child with autism I will temper it with my own judgment from my vast knowledge of experience with my child.

Our children (the ones with autism) don’t realize that you are judging them and making assumptions based on your brief interactions with them.  Why?  Because that is not who they are, they are looking at the bright star in their little world.   It may be dinosaurs, or race cars, Minnie Mouse or Doc McStuffins, It might be the solar system or mathematical equations.

Everyone thinks they are entitled to give an opinion on our child when they know zip, zilch nada.  Unless you are the parent of a child with autism, no matter how educated you are, no matter how much you have worked with them, no matter how much you love them, you haven’t been there!

Trust me, I know.  I have been on both sides.  I have spent 20+ years in Early Childhood Education and Development and education, I have a Master’s Degree in Psychological Service and am a licensed school counselor.

No matter how much I cared, how educated and compassionate I was I can tell you that until my daughter was born, and I started living the autism parent life I didn’t have the whole picture!  Yes, I was helpful before but now I am so much more effective!

All children deserve to get to be children

Because a child with autism deserves the chance to be a kid and have regular childhood experiences too.   Our children miss out on enough already.  You think it’s hard for you to see a kid with autism have a meltdown?  that it’s inconvenient for you?

Imagine what that child’s going through when they have had all they can handle and couldn’t get it across to someone before it hit the meltdown point.

Imagine the sadness the parent feels as they walk their child through the meltdown and try to maintain some semblance of composure when they want to break down because they just thought we had it all figured out.  See my post on how children with autism miss out here.

Autism Mom’s have to be badass because dealing with meltdowns, being a detective, a psychic and cooking 3-4 dinners is all in the day of an autism mom.

That is why autism moms must be badass!

So, What’s your superpower?

Mine? I am an autism mom, I help other autism mom’s and dads understand their child, their child’s needs, and their child’s unique voice.  I use my gifts to help them find peace in their daily life!

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Have a Beautiful Day!



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